May. 22nd, 2016

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Title: Sweeter than a grape, crunchier than a cracker  
Length: Drabble
Pairings: Sakumiya
Rating: G
Genre; Friendship, Fluff
Summary: You know what’s sweeter than a grape? Revenge.
Notes: It’s my first time writing about real people as subject for my stories. I don’t know if I’ve done them justice, so comments are welcome. [As requested by [ profile] pupilurker]
Standby time. Everyone was doing their own thing, Sho and Jun were fiddling with their phones, Aiba and Ohno were deeply engrossed in the fruit snack prepared for them and Nino was being Nino, playing his games like there’s no tomorrow.
Sho glances at Nino. He knows it already. At this point Nino wouldn’t be stopped, not even hunger would stop this man from playing his game.
Nino looked up slightly, still keeping an eye on his game.
                “Do you want some fruit?”
                “Thanks, I’m fine.”
Nino thought that would be the end of it. Well he thought wrong. Just like him, nothing would stop a bored Sho from having his fun.
Sho looked at the fruit platter prepared for them. He grinned, approached the duo that was currently feasting on the platter.
                “Can I have one grape?”
Aiba handed it to him, not really sure what was going on in Sho’s mind.
Sho looked at the grape and smiled.
                “You’re not gonna eat it?”
Sho just smirked.
                “Of course not.”
Nino felt the couch move a bit but thought nothing of it. Moments later, he felt something wet and cool touch his cheek.
He scanned the room for any possible suspects. Jun was on his right and Aiba and Ohno were directly in front of him.
                “What the hell Sho, whatever it is, it’s not funny.”
It was halfway between a whisper and a yell, but for sure everyone heard it.
Aiba was laughing, Ohno was trying to stifle his laughter, Jun was smiling and Sho was enjoying everything.
It was not good, Nino was losing the game and his frustration levels are gradually rising. He could yell at Sho right now and he wouldn’t feel bad at all.
                “SHO, whatever you’re doing - ?!”
A grape. A single grape silenced Nino and made the room burst with laughter.
Nino put down his game and bit into the fruit. He shot Sho an icy cold glare, but it was not working at all, especially since his cheeks were tinted with a faint pink hue.
                “Nino, how’s the grape?”
Sho flashed him his megawatt smile.
                “It’s sweet.”
Sho laughed. Nino couldn’t help but smile.
In the end, Nino couldn’t really stay mad at him.
A rice cracker. From Sho. Nino smiled. It was payback time.
                “Sho-kun, you’re not going to feed me?”
Nino’s voice was sickeningly sweet.
So much so that it made Sho freeze on the spot.
This time it was Sho’s turn to blush.
                “What are you doing?”
Jun looked at Nino like he violated every law.
                “Put that down, we’re about to start.”
                “Sho-kun gave it to me so how about no.”
Jun just rolled his eyes.


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