Don't stop

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Title: Don’t stop
Author: nin_nin15
Length: Drabble
Pairings: Matsumiya
Rating: G
Genre: Fluff
Summary: Hours have passed and it’s still bothering Nino why in the world would Jun pick him.

Hours have passed and it’s still bothering Nino why in the world would Jun pick him.
 As they were walking home from a shoot, Nino popped the question.
                “Were you serious?’
                “About what?”
                “Don’t tease me Jun.”
Jun chuckles as he took hold of Nino’s hand.
                “You really think I’m handsome?”
Jun suddenly stops walking, making Nino stop in his tracks too.
                “Is that even a question?”
He smiles at Nino. Nino looks away as he blushes from his cheeks to the tips of his ears.
                “There’s no other choice but you.”
Nino doesn’t know if he wants to hit Jun for being so cheesy or blush even harder. Maybe it wasn’t even a choice for Nino. He was already blushing to the limits of human capacity.
                “Jun, stop doing what you’re doing or I’ll faint on the spot.”
                “Stop doing what?”
Jun smiles as he tightens his hold on Nino’s hand.
But Jun does not stop. Nor will he ever.


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Title: Secret
Author: nin_nin15
Length: One-shot
Pairings: Yama
Genre: fluff, crack-ish
Summary: Ohno Satoshi has a secret. It’s a sketchbook, but it’s not just a simple sketchbook. It’s full of portraits of someone he holds dearly.
Notes: Some characters can be out of character. I’m sorry about that. >.< Comments and suggestions would be greatly appreciated. :3

If Ohno was not lying around doing absolutely nothing, one would find him doodling away in his sketchbook. Nobody knows what’s inside that sketchbook and it seems like Ohno does not want anyone to know what’s inside it either.
Just ask Nino. He had tried multiple times. From the side, from the back, using a mirror, name it and Nino had probably done it. It always ends the same, Ohno catching him midway and Nino getting smacked on the head.
              “Sho-chan, we have to see what’s inside that sketchbook.” Nino whined as they were waiting for their lunch.
                “I know! Let’s get Oh-chan drunk!”
                “Aibasshi, that’s a great idea!”
                “Guys, it’s Ohno-san’s property, we shouldn’t do that.”
                “But aren’t you curious Sho-chan?”
Sho blushed as he tried to pick up his tea successfully, only for it to spill all over their table.
                “You are curious!” Nino said with a triumphant smile.
                “Even if I’m curious I won’t allow you to do that. It’s a breach of privacy.”
                “Stop being such a square, Sho-chan.”
Aiba smiled at the man.
Nino had that look on his face.
And on that exact moment, Sho knew he fucked up.
Sho found himself standing in the dressing room. He was too nervous to even sit on the numerous chairs in there. He found himself dashing towards the door when it suddenly opens and makes Sho jump up in surprise.
                “Aren’t you done already Sho-san?” Jun asked as he packed up his things.
                “I have some things to discuss with Ohno-san.”
                “Is it about the sketchbook?”
                “How did you know?”
                “Nino told me. Don’t act surprised, I’m bound to know sooner or later.”
As per orders of Jun, Sho didn’t show any emotions on the outside, but inside he was screaming hysterically.
                “Good luck and see you later.”
                “Thanks, I’ll be needing a whole bag of that.” Sho says under his breath.
As soon as Jun closed the door to the dressing room, Sho starts searching for the mysterious sketchbook Nino wanted to see so badly.
                “Don’t forget to take pictures!”
Sho cringed at the thought.
                “Stupid Nino and his curiousity.”
After some more rummaging, he hit the gold mine. He pulled it out with extreme care, like it’s glass that can be broken by a gentle breeze.
Sho stares at the sketchbook for a good chunk of time. He’s debating whether he should open it, tell Nino he couldn’t find it or that Ohno brought it with him during the interview, but it’s Nino. He’s going to sense if Sho was lying or not and he knows Nino will make him pay for lying. Lying is not even a choice for Sho, he’s not really the best liar out there.
Sho finally gathers his courage and swallows his fear of getting caught. He opens it slightly, like a new book he didn’t want to damage. He catches a glimpse of a face, but he’s not really sure who it was. He opens it a bit wider the next time and it was an understatement to say that he was surprised with what he saw. He flips the pages and found more portraits.
                “Sho-kun, you’re still here?”
Sho almost drops the sketchbook on the floor.
                “Satoshi-kun, can you just stay there? Like, don’t move.”
He refuses to face Ohno, not like that, not while holding his precious sketchbook.
                “Sho-kun, are you okay?”
Sho nods nervously.
                “Is that my sketchbook?”
                “Uhm, you see – “
                “You’ve seen it then?”
He nods again.
                “I won’t get mad as long as it’s you.”
                “Are you sure?”
Sho finally faces Ohno.
                “Satoshi-kun, I’m sorry.”
Ohno walks towards Sho. He backs up a bit, scared for his life. Ohno stops inches away from Sho, cornering him on the sofa. Sho’s knees buckles and he falls on the sofa.
                “Don’t be.”
                “But I should – “
Ohno captures Sho’s lips in a kiss.
Sho forgets to breathe.
                “I love you, Sho-kun.”
Time stops for Sho.
Nino walks towards Sho, who was casually reading the morning news, like nothing life changing happened last night.  
                “Ne, Sho-chan, what’s in the sketchbook?”
                “It’s a secret.”
Sho casts a glance to Ohno’s direction. Nino looks at Ohno hopefully. Maybe if he asked properly, he would show the contents.
                “Ohno-san, what’s in the sketchbook?”
                “It’s our secret.” Ohno whispers into Nino’s ear.
                “Ohno-san, that’s unfair! How come Sho-chan knows and I don’t?!”
Sho laughed as Nino stomped and sulked his way towards Aiba. Ohno settled on the spot Nino vacated beside Sho.
                “Aibasshi~ Sho-chan and riida are being mean!”
                “There, there.”
Aiba smiled as he pats Nino’s hair. It made Sho laugh even harder.
                “You owe me dinner!”
                “Sure, I’ll treat you.”
Jun enters the room and Nino’s head perks up.
                “J! Let’s go eat something!”
Nino jumps up from his spot on the sofa.
                “But I just ate~”
It was Jun’s turn to whine.
                “Then do you want to be stuck with those two old men?”
Nino points an accusing finger at the pair. Jun turns his attention to the aforementioned pair.
                “I guess it worked out then, Sho-san, Ohno-san?”
Both of the men smiled.
                “J! If you don’t want anything to happen to your precious Aiba-san, you better get your ass here this instant!”
                “There’s my call. I guess I’ll be going then.”
The two were left in a comfortable silence.
                “Satoshi-kun, why me though?”
                “Do you really want to hear the reasons?”
                “is it gonna be long?”
                “It will take me three whole days, no breaks, to write it all.”
Sho blushes at the thought.
                “I knew it, you’re very adorable.”
Ohno pecks Sho on the cheek.
Sho whole face turns into a whole new shade of red.
Sho falls asleep in the dressing room. It’s been a long day for all of them. Ohno covers him with his jacket and places a kiss on Sho’s hair.
              “I guess I do really love you.”
Sho wakes up to the sound of a pencil delicately pressing on a paper.
                “Won’t you get tired of me?”
Ohno looks up to meet Sho’s gaze.
                “I won’t.”

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Title: Just one week
Author: nin_nin15
Length: Drabble
Pairings: Sakumiya
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Fluff (-ISH?)
Summary: Nino misses Sho. But Sho hasn't even left the country yet.
Notes: Thanks for beta-ing this pupi. :3 Contains some not so sexual scenes (I guess). It’s my first time writing something with those kinds of scenes, so criticisms are appreciated. :)

“I’ll be going now!”
Sho said his farewells to the remaining members and staff. Though it was some kind of tradition for them to go out drinking after their last day, skipping out this time wouldn’t be that much of a problem. Sho still had some work to do for tomorrow, the other members would understand.

Sho walks to his car hurriedly. He just wants to go home, eat something and go to sleep. He was just about to get into the car when he heard a familiar voice call out to him.
“Sho-chan, wait!”
“Nino? Aren’t you gonna go out drinking with the others?”
“I’ll pass on that, I’ll still be seeing them this next week.”
Nino held out his hand. Sho smiled as he took hold of it and pulled him into a hug.

They ended up going to Nino’s place, aside from the fact that it was closer, Nino said he wouldn’t be able to sleep properly if he was not in close proximity of his games. Sho laughed at his reasons.
“I’m home!”
“You know nobody’s gonna answer, right?”
“That’s why you should move in with me!”
Sho laughs at Nino, making him sulk and pout.
“If you keep doing that, I’ll kiss you.”
“Then I guess I won’t stop.”
Nino runs around his apartment while Sho tries to catch him. A few more runs around the apartment later, Sho was able to catch Nino by his arm and pulls him into another hug.
“About the moving in thing, are you proposing to me?”
Nino blushed.
“I am not!”
Nino broke free from Sho’s hug and he turned around to face Sho, sticking his tongue out.
“Don’t deny it!”
Sho walks towards Nino’s couch, sits down to his usual spot. Meanwhile, Nino storms into his kitchen and grabs two can of beers.
“You know, we have work tomorrow.”
“I know, but we’ll still drink though.”
“Why not with the other members?”
Nino didn’t respond.
“Are you gonna miss me?”
“I will not.”
The blush forming on Nino’s cheeks didn’t escape Sho’s sight. He let out a little chuckle.
“Of course you won’t.”
Nino throws the can of beer towards Sho, which Sho unsuccessfully catches. While Sho was fumbling around trying to hold the can properly, Nino sits down beside him. He places his head on Sho’s shoulder.
“No nadegata jokes?”
“Let me stay like this.”
Sho plays with Nino’s hair as both of them stare at their reflections on the television’s black screen.
“It’s just a week, Nino.”
Nino scoots a bit closer to Sho. Sho places his arm around Nino's shoulder and places a kiss on Nino’s hair, taking a small whiff of Nino’s scent.
“I’m gonna miss you.”
Sho smiles at the childish Nino.

They talk a bit more, drink their beers, watch some random television show, laugh at each other’s jokes and stories, and share some kisses here and there. It was about 2 in the morning when Sho decided it was time for them to sleep, seeing that Nino was half asleep already.
“Nino, it’s two in the morning, how about we go to bed already?”
“It’s still early.”
“You have work tomorrow.”
Sho stands up from his spot and looks down on Nino like a mother would. Nino holds out his arm cutely.
“Sho-chan, carry me to bed?”
Maybe it was the tiny bit of alcohol, fatigue and the foreboding feeling of loneliness that made Nino act like a child, but Sho was used to this, more like he enjoyed the clingy, childish Nino.
Sho picked up the half asleep Nino. He walked towards the bedroom, a way he knew too well.
“We’re here.”
He drops Nino on the bed.
“Do you honestly think it would end just like that?”
Sho smirked before capturing Nino’s lips in a passionate kiss.
“Honestly, no.”
Nino pulls Sho closer and locks their lips once again.
Things started happening after, clothes were off and things were heating up between the two of them. They shared more kisses, both innocent and not-so-innocent. Hands going to places, bodies tangled up in each other. It was not their last night together, but Sho made sure Nino wouldn’t forget it either.
“Sho-chan, don’t go.”
Nino curled up in Sho’s arms after. Both of them were naked but it’s not like they haven’t been in this situation before.
“It’s just a week, Nino. Just a week.”
Nino curls up closer to Sho, inhaling his scent.
“Let’s sleep.”
Nino looks up at Sho and closes his eyes.

Sho wakes up to the smell of brewing coffee and eggs frying. He grabs his bottoms from last night and walks out of the bedroom.
“Breakfast’s almost ready.”
Sho walks up to Nino, and hugs him from behind.
“Nino, let’s get married.”
“When you get back home.”
Both of them laugh as they settle around the table. They eat their breakfast in peace, they get ready in peace. It was a calm morning for both of them.
“Nino, I’ll be heading out first. Got to grab some things from my apartment.”
“That wouldn’t happen if you moved in with me.”
Sho laughed. Nino walks with him to the door.
“Then I’ll be going.”
Nino grabs Sho by the collar pulls him into kiss.
“See you later.”

When Sho heard that Nino was in the same studio as him, he rushed as soon as he got some free time. Sho took hold of one of the cue cards and prompted Nino to read it.
Nino was absolutely surprised, but he couldn’t hide his smile.
“Meet me afterwards.”
Sho mouthed those words before rushing to go back to his own set. Nino’s smile became more noticeable.

They met up in an empty meeting room. As soon as Nino entered the room, Sho pinned Nino to the door, trapping him between his arms.
Before Nino could say anything, Sho has silenced him with his lips.
“I knew it, I wouldn’t last a day without you.”
Nino smiles playfully.
“Then shut up and kiss me.”
Sho claims Nino’s lips once again.

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Title: Got your nose~
Author: nin_nin15
Length: Drabble
Pairings: Sakumiya
Rating: G
Genre: Fluff, friendship
Summary: When nostalgia hits hard
Notes; Based on this Made especially for[ profile] pupilurker

The camera didn't film it, but there was a slight tinge of red on Nino's cheeks. It must have been nostalgia, but it made him happy, giddy even.

When their team returned to their seats, Nino whispered something in Sho's ear.

"Sho-chan, don't ever do that again."

"Eh~ why not?"

Sho was smiling, It was a coy smile that sent chills down Nino's spine. It's not like Nino minds it though, he just wished that it didn't make him blush even harder than before.


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Title: Mistake
Author: nin_nin15
Length: Drabble
Pairings: Yama
Rating: G
Genre: Fluff, angst
Summary: It was a mistake unraveling in front of Ohno. It was a mistake, a mistake he wanted to make Notes: This could be related to Restarting isn’t an option, but could be read as a standalone. Comments are appreciated! :3

Sho was crying, Ohno was at the brink. It was the first time Ohno saw Sho break down like this. Ohno was shaking as he approached Sho. Each step he took closer to Sho felt like a mistake, a mistake he was ready to make.
By this time, Sho was already on the floor of their dressing room. He was a mess that Ohno wanted to fix, but will he be able to? He took Sho into his arms, embracing him tightly and Sho was holding onto him for his dear life.
                “It’s okay, everything will be okay.”
Sho’s cries turned into hushed sobs as he loosened his hold on Ohno. Now that they were face to face, Ohno smiled as he wiped away the tears on Sho’s cheeks.
                “You’ll be okay.”
Maybe it was Sho’s confusion, maybe it was Ohno’s emotions, but there were sparks and they both felt it sting a little, but in a good way. Ohno inched closer to Sho. He was so close; he could smell the cinnamon roll from this afternoon’s snack. Sho couldn’t pull away nor could he push Ohno away. It was a mistake, but it’s a reassuring kind of mistake, it was a mistake he wish he did before.
It was the first step. A kiss, an innocent kiss, a beautiful mistake. It was full of bottled up feelings. All the feelings Ohno kept, all the subdued attraction between them, all the misdirected feelings, it burst into an explosion, fireworks that wouldn’t die down, even when they separated.
                “This is fine. I like this better.”
Ohno took Sho’s hand.
                “It’s a mistake right?”
                “I don’t mind.”
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Title: Restarting isn’t an option
Author: nin_nin15
Length: Drabble
Pairings: Sakumoto, yama friendship
Rating: G
Summary: Who knew three words could destroy someone’s life? Sho never knew, nor meant it that way.
Notes; Could be related to Don’t Go, I’m not really sure. Still might be out of character.

“Let’s stop this.”
“What do you mean? What’s this?”
Sho knew from that moment that he lost Jun forever.
              “Everything. In the end we’re both going to get hurt and hurt others in the way.”
              “You’re going to end everything just because you’re scared?! Are you serious?!”
Jun was already crying and it broke Sho.
              “Listen, I’m doing this for us.”
              “Sure, because hurting me is ‘for us.’”
It was a soft whisper but it hurt like a stab trough Sho’s heart.
              “Go away and don’t come near me anymore.”
It was Sho’s turn to cry.
              “I still love you, okay?! Sure, I’m scared, but I’ve been seriously thinking about this, how this relationship will affect us and the others, so don’t act like you’re the only one getting hurt!”
              “That doesn’t mean anything anymore Sho, you’ve already dealt the damage, and saying ‘I love you’ won’t heal it.”
The door closes and Sho is left in the room. For a few minutes, he stares at the ceiling with his tears falling.
              “I’m so stupid, aren’t I?”
Sho didn’t know when did Ohno enter the room, but Sho knows that he needs someone right now, someone who would listen to him, since restarting isn’t an option right now.
              “Did I make a mistake?”
              “We’ll see.”
              “If it’s meant to be, you’ll find your way back.”

Don't Go

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Title: Don’t Go
Author: nin_nin15
Length: Drabble
Pairings: Sakumoto
Rating: G
Genre: Fluff
Summary: What does it take to make someone's heart flutter?
Notes: It was a whim and a request at the same time. Here you go [ profile] pupilurker!  (They might be out of character)

Jun remembered the first time he saw Sho play the piano.

As he was walking through the corridors of the building, a familiar melody reached his ears. It was comforting, calming and warm. He followed the music and it lead him to a room. There he saw the most beautiful person ever. He wanted him; it was love.
Jun opened the door to the room, and suddenly the music stops.
                “Why did you stop?”
Sho looks up at Jun, slightly smiling.
                “It’s too embarrassing.”
                “I’m not that good.”
Jun stepped closer to where Sho was.
                “I think you’re perfect.”
For sure Jun was blushing, but for him it’s now or never. There might never be another chance like this.
                “You don’t have to lie.”
                “I’m not lying.”
Sho smiled as he stood up from the stool.
Jun’s hand found itself gripping on the ends of Sho’s shirt.
                “Don’t go.”
Sho was surprised to see Jun like this, so weak, so fragile.
                “What do you mean?”
                “Just don’t go. Stay by my side.”
Sho did not react and Jun felt like his world will end that instant. A moment of silence passed between them. Jun loosened his grip on Sho’s shirt and let them fall on his sides.
                “I won’t go.”
Sho took Jun’s hand and pulled him into an embrace.
Jun smiles at Sho as he plays the piano. That beautiful person was now his and he has no plan of letting him go.
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Title: Beyond the nightmares
Author: nin_nin15
Length: Drabble
Pairings: Yama
Rating: G
Genre: Fluff, Friendship
Summary: How do you turn a nightmare into a dream?
Notes: First time writing with this pair. I’m kind of not sure how well it would be received though. As always comments are appreciated. :)

Ohno woke up with a start. This time he was drowning.
How many days has it been since these nightmares started? He couldn’t remember, but the nightmares, he could remember them easily. Usually his nightmares consists of him falling, drowning, getting lost in some sort of maze or maybe being alone in the darkness. Now, all he wants to do is to stop these nightmares from coming back.
He gets up from his bed to grab a glass of water from the tap. He tries to remember how it all started, how it happened and why is it happening.
Everyone has noticed that Ohno had been sleeping more than ever, especially when the five of them are together.
                “Leader, what’s keeping you up at night? Could it be some girl?”
Nino teased. The next thing he knew the whole room burst into laughter.
                “Nightmares, been having them a lot lately.”
The lively laughter died down to an awkward silence. It was Aiba’s concern that broke the silence.
                “Are you okay?”
Ohno nodded, but at this point everybody knew that he was far from okay.
                “Tell us if you need anything, okay?”
Nino gave Ohno some room to rset his whole body.
                “Thanks everyone.”
Ohno slept with a smile on his face.
When Ohno came to his senses, he was still in the dressing room and the three other members have left.
                “Good morning, Satoshi-kun.”
He was greeted by a smiling Sho. Ohno couldn’t help but smile too.
                “The others?”
                “They left already.”
                “You waited for me?”
                “Let’s just say I lost track of time.”
They both laughed.

It was around 11:30 PM when Ohno got back to his apartment. He didn’t want to stay there any longer. He didn’t want to be alone when the nightmares come again. He didn’t want to deal with it alone. With the panic building up inside him, all he could do was pack his bags and go somewhere safe, where the nightmares won’t reach him.
12:30 AM. Sho hears someone ringing his doorbell. When he opened the door, he didn’t expect Ohno to be standing there.
                “Sho-kun, can I stay over?”
                “Sure thing.”
When Ohno entered the apartment, he was surprised by the mess that welcomed him. Newspapers, magazines, lyric sheets were scattered everywhere. Despite everything, Ohno felt comfortable.
                “Sorry for the mess.”
              “It’s fine. I kind of like it.”
Sho graciously offered his bed to Ohno, but he refused saying that he preferred the couch over Sho’s bed of papers. Both men laughed at that.
Around 2:30 AM, Sho felt his bed shift a bit.
                “Is it fine?”
Sho just nodded.
When morning came, Ohno found himself trapped in Sho’s embrace. He also found himself completely rested, rejuvenated, like the nightmares never happened.
                “Good morning.”
Ohno said as he smiled at Sho’s sleeping face.
                “Good morning. I can’t make breakfast so don’t expect that much.”
Ohno chuckled.
                “Don’t worry, I’ll be the one making breakfast.
Ohno’s late night visits became more frequent. Ohno didn’t know how but Sho was helping him get rid of the nightmares, and maybe he was getting addicted to Sho’s warmth. It’s not like Sho was complaining either. Instead, he started looking forward to it.
It was one of those nights where both of them couldn’t really fall asleep.
                “Satoshi-kun, do you want to live with me?”
Ohno looked up from Sho’s embrace.
                “I’ve been thinking about it. You’ve been coming here for months now, and I just thought that it would be wasteful to be spending your money on taxi fare every time, so why not live here with me? I have an extra room if you like.”
Ohno couldn’t really see it, but he knows Sho was blushing.
                “Sho-kun, are you proposing to me?”
                “Yeah, kind of, maybe?”
                “Are you willing to spend the rest of your life with me?”
Sho nodded.
                “Then my answer is yes.”
Sho tightened his embrace. Ohno smiled.
                “Thanks for turning my nightmares into a dream.”

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The raindrops fall as fast as my tears,
Hiding them from you
Hiding them from the world.

The cold wind embraces me.
I could only feel loneliness,
But it's the only thing I could feel right now.

These feelings for you are like a storm.
Cold and harsh, but unavoidable.
I want to be stuck in the middle of it, if it's the only way to you.
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Title: Breakfast for two
Author: nin_nin15
Length: Drabble
Pairings: Sakumiya
Rating: G
Genre: Fluff
Summary: It’s the morning after minus the awkward
Notes: Tried something new today. Comments are appreciated~


They were drunk. Nino didn’t know what he was doing; he was just going along with the flow. His lips were warm and plump and oh so kissable. At first, it tasted a little bit like cinnamon, but who was he kidding, he was drunk, he was confusing cinnamon with vodka. Was it pleasing? Of course not. But did it make him feel like someone decided to release a chest full of butterflies in his stomach? Hell yes.

The next day, Nino wakes up in a room definitely not his but is still familiar. He tries to move but he is trapped in someone else’s arms, arms that he knew too well. He checks his surroundings and his body. Shirt: check, boxers: check. Fully clothed, he thanks whatever gods that gave him the self-restraint that would prevent the awkward morning after.

Nino untangles himself from the mess of limbs they have created. Once he has successfully detached himself from the stronghold, he carefully pads towards the bathroom to freshen himself up. He enters the shower, turns on the tap and lets the warm water wash the hangover away. He stands there for a good chunk of time, trying to figure out his next move, trying to figure out what those butterflies were doing there in his stomach during that drunken kiss, trying to figure out this mess called feelings.

He gets out of the shower 15 minutes later and grabs the cleanest shirt and pair of sweatpants he could find. Once he got dressed, he carefully makes his way to the kitchen.

He opens the fridge. Almost empty, with the exception of eggs, a carton of milk, beer and some stale take out. Miraculously, he was able to whip up some kind of breakfast. A plate of scrambled eggs and some toast, good enough for them.
Nino patiently waits for his host to wake up. Looking around, the only thing he could do was watch TV. He turns the TV on and flicks through the channels. He finally finds something to his liking. It has something to do gaming, but not like he could pay attention that much. Now, he anxiously waits for his host to wake up. Weird thoughts started to invade his brain. Things like being kicked out of the house (he had every right to, Nino doesn’t even live here), being hated or the kiss being forgotten by the other party. Honestly, he wanted the couch to swallow him whole.

Moments later, he hears faint footsteps approaching. Nino decides to act nonchalant about it and just stares at the TV like it’s the most interesting thing in the world, when he himself knows the most interesting thing/person in the world is slowly approaching him and he starts feel like his heart is going to burst any moment now. Nino decides to act cool anyways.
                “Good morning.”
Nino nods in response.
                “I see you have made breakfast.”
                “I sure did, it would be weird if I didn’t”
Nino finally looks at his host. He couldn’t help but smile. Somehow, all the worries, those anxious thoughts flew out of the window.
                “Aren’t you cold?”
                “I am but you stole my last good shirt.”
                “Well, sorry and I like you better like that.”
                “I knew you only liked me for my body.”
Nino smirks.
                “Of course not, I love your everything Sho-chan~”
Sho lets out a small chuckle.
                “I know.”
Nino smiles, Sho settles with him on the couch, forgetting the breakfast Nino prepared. But who cares, this is way better than breakfast.
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Title: Sweeter than a grape, crunchier than a cracker  
Length: Drabble
Pairings: Sakumiya
Rating: G
Genre; Friendship, Fluff
Summary: You know what’s sweeter than a grape? Revenge.
Notes: It’s my first time writing about real people as subject for my stories. I don’t know if I’ve done them justice, so comments are welcome. [As requested by [ profile] pupilurker]
Standby time. Everyone was doing their own thing, Sho and Jun were fiddling with their phones, Aiba and Ohno were deeply engrossed in the fruit snack prepared for them and Nino was being Nino, playing his games like there’s no tomorrow.
Sho glances at Nino. He knows it already. At this point Nino wouldn’t be stopped, not even hunger would stop this man from playing his game.
Nino looked up slightly, still keeping an eye on his game.
                “Do you want some fruit?”
                “Thanks, I’m fine.”
Nino thought that would be the end of it. Well he thought wrong. Just like him, nothing would stop a bored Sho from having his fun.
Sho looked at the fruit platter prepared for them. He grinned, approached the duo that was currently feasting on the platter.
                “Can I have one grape?”
Aiba handed it to him, not really sure what was going on in Sho’s mind.
Sho looked at the grape and smiled.
                “You’re not gonna eat it?”
Sho just smirked.
                “Of course not.”
Nino felt the couch move a bit but thought nothing of it. Moments later, he felt something wet and cool touch his cheek.
He scanned the room for any possible suspects. Jun was on his right and Aiba and Ohno were directly in front of him.
                “What the hell Sho, whatever it is, it’s not funny.”
It was halfway between a whisper and a yell, but for sure everyone heard it.
Aiba was laughing, Ohno was trying to stifle his laughter, Jun was smiling and Sho was enjoying everything.
It was not good, Nino was losing the game and his frustration levels are gradually rising. He could yell at Sho right now and he wouldn’t feel bad at all.
                “SHO, whatever you’re doing - ?!”
A grape. A single grape silenced Nino and made the room burst with laughter.
Nino put down his game and bit into the fruit. He shot Sho an icy cold glare, but it was not working at all, especially since his cheeks were tinted with a faint pink hue.
                “Nino, how’s the grape?”
Sho flashed him his megawatt smile.
                “It’s sweet.”
Sho laughed. Nino couldn’t help but smile.
In the end, Nino couldn’t really stay mad at him.
A rice cracker. From Sho. Nino smiled. It was payback time.
                “Sho-kun, you’re not going to feed me?”
Nino’s voice was sickeningly sweet.
So much so that it made Sho freeze on the spot.
This time it was Sho’s turn to blush.
                “What are you doing?”
Jun looked at Nino like he violated every law.
                “Put that down, we’re about to start.”
                “Sho-kun gave it to me so how about no.”
Jun just rolled his eyes.


Mar. 25th, 2016 05:59 pm
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I've been wondering about this for a long time now, "Why am I always the first one to apologize?". Sure, I would apologize first if I was the one in the wrong, but in some cases, I'm still the first one to apologize even if I was the one offended. Seriously, why? And every time there is a misunderstanding, it has to be to explain ny side, to defend myself while everyone else is just siding with the other party? Why is it that everytime that something happens, I'm the only one that feels guilty? Why am I always the one that is always at fault, even if they were the one who offended me or something like that?

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Looking around my room and I realize, It's colored green and purple. My room's JunBa. I can't even. And somewhere in my room, there's a big red letter N. 
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I'm so happy right now!!! :) My Endless Game LE and Popcorn mini-uchiwa came this morning!
Can I say something? The mini-uchiwa is probably the most adorable thing I've ever seen! It's even smaller than my face! :)

When I received the package, it was sealed up good like it was preparing for winter. It came in a blue plastic mailer (amirite?), then there was a layer of cling wrap and then a lot bubblewrap (I looove bubblewrap!) and there was a piece of carton protecting the mini-uchiwa. The layers of packaging made everything suspenseful! Like this was the most packaged thing I have ever received.

Can I talk about Endless Game tho? I have some deep connections to this song. It's the first Arashi song I ever heard. The single made me so happy! :)

Thanks [ profile] genkitelch!
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Life Goals: Puke in Public.

I'm so sick right now. I don't feel like eating anything. I don't even like the sight and smell of food right now. They say it's stressed induced but I'm going to tell the truth right now: It's that stupid siomai rice.


Feb. 28th, 2016 09:26 pm
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I realized that I need to wear my retainers more. I was eating pizza, and damn, it was a soft pizza (or thick crust?) and then suddenly, I feel my teeth moving. CRAP! And then suddenly, biting and chewing food hurt.

And now, I'm wearing my retainers and damn, they hurt!
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I was watching the christmas special of Arashi ni Shiyagare. I tried doing the construction part of Nino's segment. Here's the final product|

Kind of failed, but it was fun, especially the unraveling part. :)


Feb. 14th, 2016 08:28 pm
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I've been searching for this card for a long time already. It's my very first vanguard card and ofc it became my favorite. Buying ithe full set along with other cards would be too much for me, so when my brother told me that someone was selling the cards per piece, I immediately grabbed the chance and bought one for myself.

It was a good Valentine's gift for myself. :)


Jan. 25th, 2016 10:14 pm
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It;s very sad. I was actually given a chance to fulfill one of my long time dreams, but it seems like real life wants to get in the way (like it always does). I have this two 200 hour internship around june-july, but for sure I wouldn;t be able to finish it until second week of August and around that time my cousin from Japan would be on a break, so they asked me whether I want to go there. OF COURSE I SAID YES! but then my stupid internship gets in the way and I have to give up on going to japan. JUST FOR NOW. Probably next year, when I graduate I'll go there. I SWEAR.
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So school's starting and I'm totally not prepared for it. Just look at our schedule!!! We go to school SIX DAYS A WEEK and per day we only have 2 hours of break per day excluding fridays and saturday (but look at how far apart the next classes are from my first class [LOOKING AT YOU SATURDAY]). I think I've had worse schedules, but this is just unforgiving. Who have ever heard of 30-minute breaks. That's just stupid. 


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