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Title: Stars
Author: nin_nin15          
Length: drabble
Pairings: Yama
Rating: g
Genre: fluff
Summary: Sho wanted to run back home

Sho felt like running. And so he did. He didn’t know to where, he did not know why. He just wanted to.
He passed by cars, people walking home, drunk salarymen wobbling to the next bar, he wasn’t sure how many. Everything seems like a blur to him at the moment.
He finally stopped when he reached the center of the city. He didn’t care if people were pointing at him, giving him weird looks, secretly taking pictures, the complete package. He just looked around, the neon lights flashing, sounds blaring from everywhere. Even with all the people, the hustle and bustle of the city, Sho felt empty, he felt lost even if he knew the city inside and out.
                “Where are the stars when you need one?” He muttered under his breath.
He continued walking, his feet taking him somewhere that feels like home. He reached the outskirts of the city, it was somewhat quiet and calmed Sho down a bit. He stopped at an apartment complex, a place he could call home.
He climbed up the stairs, taking his precious time, letting the feeling sink in. He could feel a tingling feeling in the pit of his stomach, some sort of excitement he could not explain. it was something he could not get accustomed to, even if it happens every time.
Apartment 2625. He stopped at the doorstep, slowly bringing his finger to the doorbell. The sound of the doorbell resonated in his ear, and his excitement wants to come out.
                “Tadaima.” Sho said with a gentle smile.
                “Okaeri, Sho-kun.”
He was greeted with the same gentle smile. It was not blinding, but it has a certain gleam to it.
His Satoshi shined like a star.
                “You’re the only star I need.”
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