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Title: A Not-So Drunken Fairytale
Author: nin_nin15          
Length: One-shot
Pairings: Junba
Rating: PG-13
Genre: fluff, crack
Summary: Aiba Masaki was a mess, a happy drunk mess.
Notes: I tried something new today! Warning! This is not edited. I tried writing something following my stream of consciousness this time and this is the product. I hope you enjoy.

They were out drinking, the three of them, Jun, Nino and Aiba. They were genuinely having a good time, not until a storm named Nino decided to fuck up Jun’s life in more ways than one.
Aiba was known to have a fairly good alcohol tolerance. He could stand long bouts of drinking, but there were certain drinks that would erase his fairly good alcohol tolerance and Nino knew all of them. For example, a hint of vodka would make the man drop dead drunk after just a few shots.
Nino decided that today would be the day to give Jun a headache so he changed their usual sake with vodka halfway through their drinking session.
                “This sake tastes weird~” Aiba happily commented.
Jun noticed the smirk on Nino’s face as AIba downs half the bottle of the sake. Jun decides to take a sip of the ‘weird sake’. As soon as the clear liquid hit his tongue, he knew shit was about to go down. He cast one icy glare towards Nino before turning to Aiba.
                “Aiba-san! Don’t-“
It was too late for our hero Jun, Aiba was almost down chugging the bottle, as per Nino’s chanting of ‘chug’ in the background.
He had that sly tone in his voice that Jun hated so much. Jun wanted to punch the smirk off of his face.
                “You’ll pay for this.”
It was barely a whisper, but the emotions were clear.
It was not a known fact that the only person who could control a drunk Aiba was Jun. If Aiba reached his maximum level of drunkenness, all of the other members would leave it to their youngest to care for their youngest at heart.
Nino stood up ever so casually with such grace it would make the ballerina next door hide in shame. He left a few words before closing the door behind the pair.
                “I bid you farewell and goodluck.”
If Jun wasn’t pissed at Nino, he would’ve surely laughed.
               “Aiba-san~ It’s getting late, we have to go home.”
Jun propped up the flaccid Aiba only for him to fall again.
                “Nee, Jun-chan, carry me like a princess?”
Jun could only sigh as he picked up the heavily inebriated Aiba. Aiba giggled happily as he hooked his arms around Jun’s neck.
They left their private room in the most awkward manner ever with Jun barely seeing where he’s going, fumbling about, almost falling and passing by a shit ton of people while Aiba was obnoxiously singing Arashi songs in his ear.
Jun looked at his watch, 12:11, it was still too early for a night out but too late for a drunk Aiba.
                “Jun-chan, if the clock strikes twelve, will you leave?”
                “It’s past twelve, did you see me leave?”
Aiba snuggled into Jun’s neck.
They waited outside the bar with Jun still carrying Aiba, princess-style. While waiting for their manager, Jun was praying hard that no one would see them in such a state.
After fifteen intense minutes, their manager finally arrived. Jun could finally breathe.
                “To where?”
                “My place.”
                “We’re going to your place?~”
                “Aiba-san, not now.”
                “Call me Macchan!”
                “Macchan, not now.”
Aiba’s giggle echoed in the car.
It was a peaceful trip. Jun and Aiba were able to sleep, with Aiba casually hugging (suffocating) Jun. It was such a funny (cute/blackmail worthy) scene, that their manager (Nino) had to take a photo of it.
                “We’re here.”
Jun opened his eyes, adjusting to the sudden change in brightness. He shook Aiba gently.
                “Macchan, we’re here.”
Aiba opened his eyes slowly, his lashes brushing gently against Jun’s skin. It left tingles on Jun’s skin.
They got off the car, Aiba happily perched on Jun’s back as per his request.
Jun fumbled around for his keys and Aiba breathing on his ear was not helping at all. The pair stumbled into Jun’s entryway, with Jun catching Aiba from serious injury.
                “Thanks, Junnosuke.”
Aside from the fact that Aiba used Junnosuke, his low voice sent shivers down Jun’s spine.
Aiba broke free from Jun’s hold and skipped towards Jun’s living room.
                “Jun-chan! Come here!”
Aiba was jumping all over the place, from chair to chair, almost knocking over one of Jun’s bonsais.
                “Macchan, it’s time to sleep.”
It pained Jun to see a downtrodden Aiba, but he was not going to risk it.
Jun held Aiba’s hand and led him to his bedroom.
                “Here’s some clothes, and here’s your bed.”
                “I’ll be sleeping on the couch.”
Tears pooled in Aiba’s eyes. He stared at Jun longingly, hoping his puppy eyes would work.
                “That’s not gonna work.”
Aiba grabbed his clothes with a sad expression.
                “I guess our fairytale ended.”
It hit Jun where it hurts.
                “Macchan, just tonight okay?”
Jun knew it, Aiba’s smile was worth it.
Aiba was finally calm, still drunk but calm.
They got changed in peace, no drunken tantrums from Aiba, no crying, no nothing. It was peaceful.
Aiba was already waiting for Jun, patting he empty side of the bed.
                “Hai, hai.”
As soon as Jun got in the bed, Aiba grabbed him and trapped him in an embrace.
                “You won’t be gone tomorrow morning?”
                “I’ll stay.”
Jun was about to close his eyes when he heard Aiba say something unexpected.
                “My goodnight kiss?”
Jun gently kisses Aiba’s lips.
                “I’m expecting my good morning kiss tomorrow.”
                “I’ll give it to you, not just tomorrow, but until the end of time!”
Jun laughs, slightly hoping Aiba was saying the truth and the promise was not just a drunken ramble.
The next day rolled in, hangover striking them both.
                “Good morning.” Aiba said despite of his hangover.
Jun faced a smiling Aiba. There goes Jun’s hangover.
                “Good mo-“
A kiss. A good morning kiss.
               “I didn’t forget.”

The picture became everyone’s home screen image for a good week, but due to Jun’s threatening looks (which was reciprocated with Aiba’s apologetic smile), it was changed back to the default home screen, but Nino will always be lurking, waiting for the perfect chance to strike again.


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