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Three days

Oct. 31st, 2016 11:55 pm
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Title: Three days
Author: nin_nin15
Length: one-shot
Pairings: Yama
Rating: g
Genre: Fluff
Summary: It went from three to one.
Notes: I’m sorry if it’s sooo cliched.

Sho was on one of his trips and Ohno felt lonelier than ever. It was a three day trip and it’s for a job, but lately, they haven’t found time for each other. Sure, they lived together in one roof, but still the times they were together in their house was not that much. They have been immensely busy, with Sho and his shooting for his new special drama and Ohno just finishing his shooting for the movie, add it with the rehearsals for the upcoming concert and their usual variety shows, all Ohno wants to do is cuddle with Sho and forget the world. But even cuddling was not possible, not now because Sho was in one of his trips for Shiyagare.

“It’s just a three day trip, Satoshi, you can do this.” he said under his breath.

Ohno never noticed how big their apartment was until he was alone in it. It was his day off, but he didn’t feel like fishing. Honestly, he didn’t feel like doing anything. He stood up from the couch and dragged himself to the kitchen. He opened the fridge and saw that there was nothing in there except for beer.

“I guess it’s time to go shopping.”

He changed into some decent clothes and put on a mask and a cap.

He walked through the aisles of the supermarket with his empty basket. He couldn’t really think of anything to make, even with all the recipes he’s been talking about in his radio show. He finds it useless when Sho isn’t there to eat with him.

He was about to leave the supermarket when he felt his phone vibrate. He took it out, hoping it’s Sho, but to his dismay, it was not. He picked it up anyways.

“Ohno-san, want to eat cake?”

“Sure, I’ll go to our usual place.”
Aiba waved at the approaching Ohno.

“Ohno-san! Here!”

Ohno walked a bit faster, smiling a bit as he reached their table.

“Here, I got your favorite chocolate cake!” Aiba said, his smile even wider than before.


Ohno took a seat and bites into the cake.

“Are you okay?”

“What do you mean?”


“Don’t say that Aiba-chan.”

AIba didn’t say anything, he just smiles at Ohno. It was one of his more devious smiles.It kind of scared him but at the same time made him more curious at Aiba’s motives for calling him.

“I guess you’re really loved, ne?”

Ohno looks at Aiba, confusion written all over his face.

“Aiba-chan, you’re not making any sense.”

“Sho-chan asked me to do this.”

“Do what?”

“Take you out, distract you so you won’t be lonely.”

Ohno was about to cry when he heard that.

“Don’t cry leader, Sho-chan will get mad at me.”

Ohno smiled, a bit wider and brighter this time.

“I won’t.”

“How about more cake?”


The pair eats more cake, all different types of cake. They were sure they gained at least 5 pounds just from eating cake.


There was no reply. It dawned to him again that he was alone for two more days. He can’t deny that this day was fun. Having Masaki by his side today made him forget his loneliness, even just for a bit.

“I guess it’s time to go to bed.”

He enters the shower, letting the warm water embrace his body. He didn’t stay for too long, he wasn’t really good with baths anyways.

As he was about to grab his pajamas, he saw Sho’s used shirt lying on the floor. He picks it up and takes a good whiff of it. It still had Sho’s scent on it, and he was so tempted to wear it. And so he did, nobody’s going to see him anyways. And what’s wrong with wearing his lover’s shirt? Isn’t that what couples do?

As one would expect, their bedroom is still empty, not exactly empty, he was there, but the atmosphere feels kind of gray, if Ohno was to describe it in his own terms. Everything was gray and dull. Sho’s voice was not there to greet him. Sho was not there to hold him. Sho was not there.

He walks to their bed. It was cold, just like Ohno predicted. He curled up into the blankets to make himself somewhat warm, but it didn’t help. Sho’s warmth was exponentially warmer than all of the blankets combined. He rolled towards Sho’s side of the bed. It smelled like him and it made Ohno stayed on that spot until he fell asleep.

Ohno’s phone rings. He glances at the clock beside their bed, 5:30 AM, too early for anything. He didn’t even bother to look at the caller ID, he just swiped right and answered the call.

“Moshi moshi~” His bedroomy voice echoed.


Ohno jumped up from the bed upon realizing who was calling him so early in the morning.

“Are you coming home today?”

He sounded a bit too clingy, but who cares, they were the only ones in the conversation.

“A bit clingy are we? Did you miss me, Satoshi-kun?”

“Just a bit.”

He could hear Sho’s laugh, coming from the phone and from somewhere else. Ohno moves out of the bed. He carries the clock on their bedside, just in case.

As soon as he left the room, a pair of arms grabs his waist. Ohno lets out a small noise.

“I missed you a lot though.”

It made Ohno’s heart skip a beat. It was calming to hear Sho’s voice again.

“Okaeri, Sho-kun.”


Sho switched the lights on. Ohno was a sight to behold. He had his usual messy bed hair, but what makes it special is his choice of sleepwear.

“is that my shirt?”

Ohno blushes. He had completely forgotten that he used one of Sho’s shirt as pajamas.

“I didn’t have anything clean, so I used yours.”

Sho laughed at Ohno’s pathetic excuse.

“Stop laughing! I missed you! There? You happy?”

Ohno was a red as a firetruck but Sho didn’t stop laughing.

“I’m happy.”

In the midst of it all, Sho grabbed Ohno’s chin, tilting it upwards. He presses a kiss on Ohno’s lips, which the latter did not expect. It was an innocent kiss, but for Ohno, this is much better.


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