Oct. 29th, 2016

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Title: Another day
Author: nin_nin15
Length: drabble
Pairings: N/A, nino-centric
Rating: g
Genre: angst
Notes: Inspired by Nino’s solo “Mata Kyou to Onaji Asu ga Kuru”. Feel free to think of anyone. :3

Nino laid on the bed they used to share. He reached out his hand, hoping he will feel something, but there was none. The other side was empty. It was cold and lonely. Nino remembered why he hated the cold.

Nino smiled at the sleeping figure beside him. He was warm, a comforting kind of warm. The type you want to cuddle all day with. He was addicted to this warmth.

He stared at the ceiling they used to look at when they talked about everything. The glow in the stars were fading.

“Nino! Let’s put glow in the dark stars!” he smiled as he pointed at their ceiling.
“That’s childish.”
He laughed at the thought of glow in the dark stars on their ceiling, but still he found himself buy the stars with him on the next day.

He clutched on his phone, biting back the tears. He wanted to hear his voice so bad. He missed the sweet little nothings he whispered into his ear before they slept.

“I love you.”
It was sudden, like a spark through Nino’s body. It gave him life, and he wished he found it earlier. But now that it’s here, he won’t let go.

All the warm memories flashed through his mind. The memories that were vibrant was slowly turning into a painful gray. He didn’t want to forget anything.

It was the first time he beat Nino in a game. His smile was bright, like the first sunshine of spring. It blinded Nino, but it’s fine, at least his face will be the last one he sees.

But he needed to forget. He needed it to move on, to live even if he was dying inside little by little, the loneliness eating him slowly.

“I guess this is goodbye.”
There was nothing else, not a kiss nor a hug. They parted so simply. They walked different paths home, but for Nino there was no home to go back to.

The stars have completely faded and the world completely turned gray. His heart shattered into a million tiny pieces.

He tried fighting back the tears, clutching his phone until his fingertips turned white, biting his lips until it bled, but everything was useless.

A silent sob echoed through the cold empty room.


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