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Title: Home
Author: nin_nin15
Length: Drabble
Pairings: Matsumiya
Rating: G
Genre: Angst, friendship, fluff
Summary: When Nino got lost on the way home
Notes: Hey, at least I tried. :3

Nino watched as the man he loves kiss another person. What hurts more is the fact that this other person was dear to him. He was broken, shook, tears were brimming his eyes, dangerously close to falling.
“Nino! What are you doing? Is the door locked or something?”
Aiba’s voice snapped him out of his stupor, but his cheery voice was not helping at all. It made Nino hurt a bit more.
“I have to go somewhere.”
Nino left in a rush. He was sure Aiba saw his tears.

e walked without any destination in mind. He was speechless, but a million of words wanted to escape. He wanted to scream, to shout, to yell, to be over with everything, but he was too defeated to do anything,

He walked a bit more, finding himself staring at he sunset by a riverbank he knew to well. He had spent a lot of time there, just thinking, letting his thoughts let loose. The soft afternoon breeze ruffled his hair, made him shiver a bit, but he didn’t care. It helped dry his tears anyway.

He didn’t know how to go back to them, especially when it was his best friend that stole the love of his life. He couldn’t bring himself to hate them, he just hates himself, for being such a coward and losing a once in a lifetime chance. He stepped towards the river, the cold water caressing his ankles. He took another step into the river. Nino stopped until the water was slightly above his waist. He could end it here and leave everything behind.

“Nino, it’s time to go home.”

Nino turned his head to where the voice was coming from. He saw Jun standing there with a gentle smile on his face. Nino felt hot tears roll down his cheeks. It made him smile a little bit. He noticed where he was standing. He laughed at himself for even thinking of ending it here.

He walked towards Jun as more tears fell down.

“It’s going to be okay.”

Jun accepted Nino wholeheartedly into his arms, not caring if his clothes were going to get wet. Nino is more important than clothes, more important than anything.


“How did you know?”

Nino asked as he snuggled more into Jun’s coat.

“Aiba-san called me, he said he was worried about you.”

Jun’s voice was calm, it had the same effect on Nino.

“I’m loved, aren’t I?”

Nino let out a little laugh.


Jun smiled as he took Nino’s hand and intertwined it with his.


Nino tightened his hold on Jun’s hand. He was not going to let of this hand.


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