Oct. 14th, 2016

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Title: Awkward Touches and Weird Confessions
Author: nin_nin15
Length: Drabble
Pairings: Sakuraiba
Rating: G
Summary: Sho's hands lead him to somewhere.

As much as Sho tries to avoid it, he has wandering hands. Sometimes it lands on inanimate objects, but most of the time it lands on his most treasured human in the world.
              “You’re doing it again, Sho-chan.” Aiba whispers casually in Sho’s ear.
He blushes and removes his already comfortable but awkwardly placed hand on Aiba’s hand.
                “I can’t help it; they just wander on their own.”
                “Don’t make excuses Sho-chan, you really like my hands, don’t you?”
Aiba giggles like a girl.
                “It’s not just your hands, I really like you and your everything.”
Sho holds Aiba’s hands and grips it as a sign of affirmation. Aiba feels his heart rate increase a little bit. It amazes Aiba how Sho could be so composed even after all that. He continues to speak.
                “Maybe that’s why they go to you! Because I really like you!”
Aiba thanks all the gods that they were the only people in the room or else it would have been the most embarrassing situation Aiba has ever been in. And that’s saying a lot. Aiba tried to act cool. He composed his thoughts to make it seem like he was treating everything as a joke.
                “I get it Sho-chan, you like me.”
He sounded a bit apprehensive, but he couldn’t hide the blush emerging from his cheeks. As soon as Sho noticed Aiba’s blushing face, Sho popped the question, his signature smirk gracing his face.
                “Aiba-kun, do you like me?”
                “I like you, Sho-chan, but as a friend, I guess.”
                “I guess?”
Sho’s smirk grows bigger, and Aiba couldn’t say anything, he decided that the best things he could do at that time was nod.
                “So there’s a chance?”
                “A chance?”
                “That you might like me?”
Once again, Aiba nods. Sho’s smirk turns into a full on smile.    
                “I’ll make you like me Aiba! Mark my words!”
Sho runs out of the door, leaving a dumbstruck Aiba behind.


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