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Title: Just one week
Author: nin_nin15
Length: Drabble
Pairings: Sakumiya
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Fluff (-ISH?)
Summary: Nino misses Sho. But Sho hasn't even left the country yet.
Notes: Thanks for beta-ing this pupi. :3 Contains some not so sexual scenes (I guess). It’s my first time writing something with those kinds of scenes, so criticisms are appreciated. :)

“I’ll be going now!”
Sho said his farewells to the remaining members and staff. Though it was some kind of tradition for them to go out drinking after their last day, skipping out this time wouldn’t be that much of a problem. Sho still had some work to do for tomorrow, the other members would understand.

Sho walks to his car hurriedly. He just wants to go home, eat something and go to sleep. He was just about to get into the car when he heard a familiar voice call out to him.
“Sho-chan, wait!”
“Nino? Aren’t you gonna go out drinking with the others?”
“I’ll pass on that, I’ll still be seeing them this next week.”
Nino held out his hand. Sho smiled as he took hold of it and pulled him into a hug.

They ended up going to Nino’s place, aside from the fact that it was closer, Nino said he wouldn’t be able to sleep properly if he was not in close proximity of his games. Sho laughed at his reasons.
“I’m home!”
“You know nobody’s gonna answer, right?”
“That’s why you should move in with me!”
Sho laughs at Nino, making him sulk and pout.
“If you keep doing that, I’ll kiss you.”
“Then I guess I won’t stop.”
Nino runs around his apartment while Sho tries to catch him. A few more runs around the apartment later, Sho was able to catch Nino by his arm and pulls him into another hug.
“About the moving in thing, are you proposing to me?”
Nino blushed.
“I am not!”
Nino broke free from Sho’s hug and he turned around to face Sho, sticking his tongue out.
“Don’t deny it!”
Sho walks towards Nino’s couch, sits down to his usual spot. Meanwhile, Nino storms into his kitchen and grabs two can of beers.
“You know, we have work tomorrow.”
“I know, but we’ll still drink though.”
“Why not with the other members?”
Nino didn’t respond.
“Are you gonna miss me?”
“I will not.”
The blush forming on Nino’s cheeks didn’t escape Sho’s sight. He let out a little chuckle.
“Of course you won’t.”
Nino throws the can of beer towards Sho, which Sho unsuccessfully catches. While Sho was fumbling around trying to hold the can properly, Nino sits down beside him. He places his head on Sho’s shoulder.
“No nadegata jokes?”
“Let me stay like this.”
Sho plays with Nino’s hair as both of them stare at their reflections on the television’s black screen.
“It’s just a week, Nino.”
Nino scoots a bit closer to Sho. Sho places his arm around Nino's shoulder and places a kiss on Nino’s hair, taking a small whiff of Nino’s scent.
“I’m gonna miss you.”
Sho smiles at the childish Nino.

They talk a bit more, drink their beers, watch some random television show, laugh at each other’s jokes and stories, and share some kisses here and there. It was about 2 in the morning when Sho decided it was time for them to sleep, seeing that Nino was half asleep already.
“Nino, it’s two in the morning, how about we go to bed already?”
“It’s still early.”
“You have work tomorrow.”
Sho stands up from his spot and looks down on Nino like a mother would. Nino holds out his arm cutely.
“Sho-chan, carry me to bed?”
Maybe it was the tiny bit of alcohol, fatigue and the foreboding feeling of loneliness that made Nino act like a child, but Sho was used to this, more like he enjoyed the clingy, childish Nino.
Sho picked up the half asleep Nino. He walked towards the bedroom, a way he knew too well.
“We’re here.”
He drops Nino on the bed.
“Do you honestly think it would end just like that?”
Sho smirked before capturing Nino’s lips in a passionate kiss.
“Honestly, no.”
Nino pulls Sho closer and locks their lips once again.
Things started happening after, clothes were off and things were heating up between the two of them. They shared more kisses, both innocent and not-so-innocent. Hands going to places, bodies tangled up in each other. It was not their last night together, but Sho made sure Nino wouldn’t forget it either.
“Sho-chan, don’t go.”
Nino curled up in Sho’s arms after. Both of them were naked but it’s not like they haven’t been in this situation before.
“It’s just a week, Nino. Just a week.”
Nino curls up closer to Sho, inhaling his scent.
“Let’s sleep.”
Nino looks up at Sho and closes his eyes.

Sho wakes up to the smell of brewing coffee and eggs frying. He grabs his bottoms from last night and walks out of the bedroom.
“Breakfast’s almost ready.”
Sho walks up to Nino, and hugs him from behind.
“Nino, let’s get married.”
“When you get back home.”
Both of them laugh as they settle around the table. They eat their breakfast in peace, they get ready in peace. It was a calm morning for both of them.
“Nino, I’ll be heading out first. Got to grab some things from my apartment.”
“That wouldn’t happen if you moved in with me.”
Sho laughed. Nino walks with him to the door.
“Then I’ll be going.”
Nino grabs Sho by the collar pulls him into kiss.
“See you later.”

When Sho heard that Nino was in the same studio as him, he rushed as soon as he got some free time. Sho took hold of one of the cue cards and prompted Nino to read it.
Nino was absolutely surprised, but he couldn’t hide his smile.
“Meet me afterwards.”
Sho mouthed those words before rushing to go back to his own set. Nino’s smile became more noticeable.

They met up in an empty meeting room. As soon as Nino entered the room, Sho pinned Nino to the door, trapping him between his arms.
Before Nino could say anything, Sho has silenced him with his lips.
“I knew it, I wouldn’t last a day without you.”
Nino smiles playfully.
“Then shut up and kiss me.”
Sho claims Nino’s lips once again.


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