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Title: Mistake
Author: nin_nin15
Length: Drabble
Pairings: Yama
Rating: G
Genre: Fluff, angst
Summary: It was a mistake unraveling in front of Ohno. It was a mistake, a mistake he wanted to make Notes: This could be related to Restarting isn’t an option, but could be read as a standalone. Comments are appreciated! :3

Sho was crying, Ohno was at the brink. It was the first time Ohno saw Sho break down like this. Ohno was shaking as he approached Sho. Each step he took closer to Sho felt like a mistake, a mistake he was ready to make.
By this time, Sho was already on the floor of their dressing room. He was a mess that Ohno wanted to fix, but will he be able to? He took Sho into his arms, embracing him tightly and Sho was holding onto him for his dear life.
                “It’s okay, everything will be okay.”
Sho’s cries turned into hushed sobs as he loosened his hold on Ohno. Now that they were face to face, Ohno smiled as he wiped away the tears on Sho’s cheeks.
                “You’ll be okay.”
Maybe it was Sho’s confusion, maybe it was Ohno’s emotions, but there were sparks and they both felt it sting a little, but in a good way. Ohno inched closer to Sho. He was so close; he could smell the cinnamon roll from this afternoon’s snack. Sho couldn’t pull away nor could he push Ohno away. It was a mistake, but it’s a reassuring kind of mistake, it was a mistake he wish he did before.
It was the first step. A kiss, an innocent kiss, a beautiful mistake. It was full of bottled up feelings. All the feelings Ohno kept, all the subdued attraction between them, all the misdirected feelings, it burst into an explosion, fireworks that wouldn’t die down, even when they separated.
                “This is fine. I like this better.”
Ohno took Sho’s hand.
                “It’s a mistake right?”
                “I don’t mind.”


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