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Title: Beyond the nightmares
Author: nin_nin15
Length: Drabble
Pairings: Yama
Rating: G
Genre: Fluff, Friendship
Summary: How do you turn a nightmare into a dream?
Notes: First time writing with this pair. I’m kind of not sure how well it would be received though. As always comments are appreciated. :)

Ohno woke up with a start. This time he was drowning.
How many days has it been since these nightmares started? He couldn’t remember, but the nightmares, he could remember them easily. Usually his nightmares consists of him falling, drowning, getting lost in some sort of maze or maybe being alone in the darkness. Now, all he wants to do is to stop these nightmares from coming back.
He gets up from his bed to grab a glass of water from the tap. He tries to remember how it all started, how it happened and why is it happening.
Everyone has noticed that Ohno had been sleeping more than ever, especially when the five of them are together.
                “Leader, what’s keeping you up at night? Could it be some girl?”
Nino teased. The next thing he knew the whole room burst into laughter.
                “Nightmares, been having them a lot lately.”
The lively laughter died down to an awkward silence. It was Aiba’s concern that broke the silence.
                “Are you okay?”
Ohno nodded, but at this point everybody knew that he was far from okay.
                “Tell us if you need anything, okay?”
Nino gave Ohno some room to rset his whole body.
                “Thanks everyone.”
Ohno slept with a smile on his face.
When Ohno came to his senses, he was still in the dressing room and the three other members have left.
                “Good morning, Satoshi-kun.”
He was greeted by a smiling Sho. Ohno couldn’t help but smile too.
                “The others?”
                “They left already.”
                “You waited for me?”
                “Let’s just say I lost track of time.”
They both laughed.

It was around 11:30 PM when Ohno got back to his apartment. He didn’t want to stay there any longer. He didn’t want to be alone when the nightmares come again. He didn’t want to deal with it alone. With the panic building up inside him, all he could do was pack his bags and go somewhere safe, where the nightmares won’t reach him.
12:30 AM. Sho hears someone ringing his doorbell. When he opened the door, he didn’t expect Ohno to be standing there.
                “Sho-kun, can I stay over?”
                “Sure thing.”
When Ohno entered the apartment, he was surprised by the mess that welcomed him. Newspapers, magazines, lyric sheets were scattered everywhere. Despite everything, Ohno felt comfortable.
                “Sorry for the mess.”
              “It’s fine. I kind of like it.”
Sho graciously offered his bed to Ohno, but he refused saying that he preferred the couch over Sho’s bed of papers. Both men laughed at that.
Around 2:30 AM, Sho felt his bed shift a bit.
                “Is it fine?”
Sho just nodded.
When morning came, Ohno found himself trapped in Sho’s embrace. He also found himself completely rested, rejuvenated, like the nightmares never happened.
                “Good morning.”
Ohno said as he smiled at Sho’s sleeping face.
                “Good morning. I can’t make breakfast so don’t expect that much.”
Ohno chuckled.
                “Don’t worry, I’ll be the one making breakfast.
Ohno’s late night visits became more frequent. Ohno didn’t know how but Sho was helping him get rid of the nightmares, and maybe he was getting addicted to Sho’s warmth. It’s not like Sho was complaining either. Instead, he started looking forward to it.
It was one of those nights where both of them couldn’t really fall asleep.
                “Satoshi-kun, do you want to live with me?”
Ohno looked up from Sho’s embrace.
                “I’ve been thinking about it. You’ve been coming here for months now, and I just thought that it would be wasteful to be spending your money on taxi fare every time, so why not live here with me? I have an extra room if you like.”
Ohno couldn’t really see it, but he knows Sho was blushing.
                “Sho-kun, are you proposing to me?”
                “Yeah, kind of, maybe?”
                “Are you willing to spend the rest of your life with me?”
Sho nodded.
                “Then my answer is yes.”
Sho tightened his embrace. Ohno smiled.
                “Thanks for turning my nightmares into a dream.”


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