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Title: Blocked
Author: nin_nin15          
Length: drabble
Pairings: Sakumiya
Rating: pg
Genre: crack
Summary: When blocked, everyone needs release
Notes: I’m in a block so here. I JUST NEEDED TO WRITE SOMETHING

Sho grumbles in frustration as he types away on his laptop.
                “I need to write. I Need To Write. I NEED TO WRITE.”
Sho sighs once more, getting the attention of Nino.
                “Sho-chan, maybe today’s not your day.” Nino shouts from across the room.
                “But Nino! I have to write something!” Sho whines.
                “Then stop whining and start writing! I can’t finish this level with you sighing in the background every five seconds!”
Nino returns back to his game, leaving Sho alone to wallow in his inability to write.
It was quiet for exactly five minutes, minus the sounds of the Sho typing on his keyboard and the fanfare music playing from Nino’s game.
Nino was about to move on to the next level, when he heard another frustrated sigh from Sho.
                “Sho-chan, just what in the world are you writing?!” Nino’s voice laced with frustration.
Nino didn’t know if he was supposed to laugh at Sho or just question his current mental state.
                “But why?”
                “Fans seem to like it.”
Nino squinted his eyes.
                “So it’s fanservice?”
Sho spun his chair around to face Nino. He wore this smirk on his face, like he had some brilliant idea in his mind.
                “Kind of.”
Nino smirks back at Sho. It looks like they have the same thing in mind. He walks towards Sho and straddles him.
                “How about we give them something to write about.” Nino whispers into Sho’s ears, his low voice sending shivers through Sho’s body.
Sho closes his laptop and carries Nino towards their bed. He drops him on the bed, and closes the distance between them, kissing Nino eagerly.
                “I like that idea.”

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