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Title: Their family
Author: nin_nin15         
Length: drabble
Rating: PG-13
Genre: crack
Summary: Who knew being early would make Nino witness the creation of a family?
Notes: This is more like a ramble than a fic, but still I had to get it out there?

Their meeting time was 9:30. Nino arrived at around 8:00, why was he early? He isn’t sure himself. When he got to the dressing room, the lights were already on. Unbeknownst to Nino, these lights were warning signs, an omen to an impending happy but honestly quite surprising ending.
Sakurai Sho had the least scandals amongst Arashi. If not the least, he has a really small number of scandals. Everyone in Arashi knew he had his fair share of one night stands and gay bars, but they kind of just died down these past few years. For Nino, there are two possible reasons for the scandal less Sakurai Sho: either he hides it really well or he has found someone. Nino like to believe the latter.
8:03. Nino was still standing in front of their door, carefully listening to the muffled sounds. Around 8:05, Nino found out that there were actual people in their dressing room. 8:08, he confirmed both were men. Nino stands there for a good three minutes before grabbing the doorknob, slowly turning as to not disturb the occupants. Who knows? They could be planning world domination and Nino does not want any of that. He peeked through the small crack he created when he opened the door.
To say he was surprised was an understatement. To sum up his emotions, Nino was literally asdfghjkl. It was a mixture of surprise, shock, horror, fear, amusement and a pinch of happiness to top it all off.
He peeked again, making sure his eyes didn’t deceive him, but it’s the same thing. It was the same damn thing and it made Nino cringe a little bit. Like yeah sure, he’s down or whatever but damn that was unexpected.
It’s not part of Nino’s daily routine to spy on his fellow bandmates but seeing your leader get it on with one of your closest friends is not a sight to pass up.  It could become good blackmail material but he decides otherwise, who knows where the pictures will end up?
Nino closes the door before it becomes way too graphic.
9:15. Nino was spotted by none other than Jun.
                “What are you doing here?”
                “Waiting for mom and dad to finish up.
                “Mom and Dad?
                “Yup. Who knew, right?”
9:20. Now both Jun and Nino were waiting when Aiba called out to them.
                “What’s up?”
                “Why not ask Sho-chan, he’s got something up.”
                “Nino, you’re not helping.”
                “What do you want me to say, J?”
                “What are you two talking about?”
                “Aiba-san ought to know, he’s part of the family.”
                “Aibasshi, we can officially call them Mom and Dad.”
9:30. The door opens and the first thing Nino asks was:
                “Ohno-san, how was it?”
Nino’s low-key teasing question sent shivers down the pair’s spines. It made Ohno and Sho turn into a shade of red nobody has seen before.
                “You were there?”
                “Since the beginning.”
Nino’s smile had a playful feel to it, could be mistaken as teasing, but honestly, it was happiness. Meanwhile, Aiba congratulated the pair and Jun gave his blessings.
                “Okay!! Let’s have a family dinner after!” Aiba declared enthusiastically.
Sho was the first one to laugh, followed by Aiba and then Ohno. Jun chuckled and Nino smiled at the scene.
Yup, this is their family.
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